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Resistance Training 101 @builtbybray (digital file)

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Take charge of your life with our Resistance Training 101 Guide and learn how to live a healthy life that is sustainable!

This guide is for those who are: low on time, injury prone, don't have access to a gym, have kids/family they're responsible for, OR all of the above! 

This program takes out all of the hard work and allows you to use what is in your home (because these can all be done with body weight alone) to achieve your desired results.

  • You will lose fat + build muscle at a steady rate (long term)
  • You will learn what macros are + how to calculate your own
  • There is a "diet" breakdown (food list, meal options, when to eat, how much to eat etc.) *reminder* we are not dieting, we are switching to a healthier lifestyle
  • You will learn + build the habit of journaling allowing you to notice changes in your body
  • You will follow a 4 week INTENTIONAL resistance training regimen + have access to video references, 3 day workout split 

*Please consult your physician before implementing any diet or workout regimen*