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Fat Loss Diet Plan @BuiltbyBray (digital file)

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Our Fat Loss Diet Plan is designed for those who are ready to SHED excess weight! This plan will instruct your body to tap into its stored fat for energy use, resulting in fat melting off of your body. You will see results daily! Use for as many days as pounds you want to drop, EX: Follow for 10 days to see a 10lb fat loss difference!

This plan will not only drop pounds of fat, it will:

•Improve Blood Pressure

•Reduce Inflammation

•Reduce Insulin Resistance

•Decrease Cholesterol 

•Reduced Oxidative Stress

What you get:

-Outlined "What to Eat in a Day"

-Approved Fruit List

-Approved Proteins

-Approved Vegetables

-Non-Approved Foods

-Bray’s Personal Results (-15lbs in 20 Days)

-Detailed example Day of Eating

-Meal Idea List

-Access to my email for any questions, concerns, and updates!

*Please consult your physician before implementing any diet*