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Clean Bulk Weight Gain Guide (digital file) @BuiltbyBray

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Take charge of your life with our Clean Bulk Weight Gain Guide and learn how to gain healthy muscle weight!

  • You will build lean muscle at a steady rate (long term)
  • You will learn what macros are + how to calculate your own
  • There is a "diet" breakdown (food list, meal options, when to eat, how much to eat etc.)
  • You will learn + build the habit of journaling allowing you to notice changes in your body
  • You will follow a 8 week INTENTIONAL weight lifting regimen + have access to video references! (Includes dynamic + static stretching examples as well) , 6 day workout split
  • You will have access to my email for any questions, updates or concerns!

*Please consult your physician before implementing any diet or workout regimen*